7 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Eat Sushi

Eating sushi also has etiquette. For this reason, never do these 7 things while eating sushi. Aside from being disrespectful, some things actually spoil the taste of sushi.

Sushi is a typical Japanese menu that has many fans. But there are still many people who damage the taste because they eat it in the wrong way. Based on the information of This Is Insider (23/2), these are 6 things you can’t do when eating sushi.

1. Inserting wasabi into soy sauce

The sushi makers serve wasabi in amounts corresponding to the portion of sushi served. This is done to create the best taste of sushi. Mixing wasabi into soy sauce spoils the taste of sushi. Even if you mix a small amount of wasabi.

2. Dipping all sushi into soy sauce

This is often done by many people. You may also dip the sushi in soy sauce to the rice part. The truth is, just dip the fish in the top of the sushi. Because soy sauce which is absorbed into rice can damage the taste of sushi.

3. Put chopsticks on the table

There is good and correct eating etiquette if you eat in a classy restaurant. Do not place unused chopsticks directly on the table. If you have already placed chopsticks, you should wrap chopsticks with pepper wrap. So that the chopsticks don’t immediately touch the table. Actually chopsticks are not used too much. You can eat sushi directly by hand.

4. Place the chopsticks on top of the bowl

This is considered rude. Because chopsticks are placed on top of an incense-like bowl used for funeral ceremonies or cultural ceremonies in Japan. Also don’t swipe chopsticks together if you eat sushi at someone’s house. It is also considered impolite because you indirectly think that the cutlery is cheap.

5. Eat ginger and sushi

Japanese people never eat sushi with ginger or pickled ginger (gari). Because pickled ginger is provided as a decoration for cleaning dishes if you want to try new foods.

6. Eat bread before sushi or sashimi

You should not do this because bread can only be eaten after you eat sushi or sashimi. The bread must be small, which can be eaten once.

7. Don’t use brown rice

Brown rice is not used for traditional sushi making. Because bron rice makes the texture more dense and chewy than rice sushi in general.