Cafes in Japan Recruit Disabled People as Their Servants

NOT all humans are born perfectly. Many of them are disadvantaged, born with physical and mental limitations. However, the shortcomings they have are not a reason for someone to be creative.

Recently a cafe opened in Tokyo. This cafe offers the services of robotic servants who will serve the needs of each guest. Uniquely, the servant robot is fully controlled by the paralyzed people.

This cafe has just been inaugurated on November 26, 2018, and has the name Dawn ver β. As reported by Nest Shark, Tuesday (12/04/2018), ten people with conditions such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and other spinal cord injuries were employed in Dawn ver β.

Of course many people are confused, how can the robot work under the control of people with physical disabilities? Yes, the operators who move these robots work from home. They operate OriHime-D, a 120-centimeter robot that has four legs.

This robot can communicate, move anywhere and handle each object properly. Reportedly the creator of OriHime -D is Ory, a startup that has indeed developed robots for disabled people.

Of course this robot has been equipped with advanced technology, where in a video shows a paralyzed man seen typing a command through his eyes. Of course, with this sophisticated robot, ALS patients or other neurological disorders can still be productive despite physical limitations.

This tool also allows people with paralysis to carry out other activities such as caring for children, or other activities that prevent them from leaving their homes or certain locations.

For your information Dawn has an abbreviation (Diverse Avatar Working Network), this cafe is inspired by a 2008 anime titled ‘Time of Eve’ which describes a coffee shop where humans and robots interact well. This unique cafe is located in the Akasaka District of the Capital City of Japan.