Manga ‘Shaman King’ Hiatus 3 Months

‘Shaman King The Super Star’ is one of the most popular comics in Japan besides ‘One Piece’ and ‘Attack on Titan’. But for lovers of Hiroyuki Takei’s manga, they have to wait three months for the comic to appear again.

Shonen Magazine announces ‘Shaman King’ will be on hiatus for the February, March and April editions. The manganese will be published again on April 17.

Manga which tells of a child named Yoh Asakura who can relate to spirits, the English version published by Viz Media.

“When he took a shortcut to the cemetery, Manta Oyamada met a strange child with headphones surrounded by ghosts. The boy was the teenage sorcerer Yoh Asakura. Among the ghosts, there were more dangerous opponents who lurked Yoh and Manta, a Chinese shaman who wanted have Amidamaru, “Viz Media wrote, as quoted detikHOT.

‘Shaman King’ premiered in 1998. The series suddenly stopped in 2004 and was published again in 2009. Besides ‘The Shaman King’, the comic artist also wrote the manga ‘Ultimo’ and ‘Jumbor’.