Play Snow until Satisfied in Toyama, Japan

Year-end holidays, fun playing snow in Toyama, Japan. Although super cold, but still exciting.

Japan does have a special attraction for almost all backpackers and travelers, both in terms of scenery, culture and food. Here I want to share my experience with my three friends traveling to the Alpine Route which is located in Toyama Prefecture.

At first we were a bit confused about transportation to the Alpine Route. Luckily we found information at The information that is there really helps us to get to the Alpine Route.

As previously explained, Alpine Route is in Toyama Prefecture. The ticket price to get there is quite expensive, which is around 9,000 yen. But it’s worth the view we got.

There we could enjoy a very beautiful view of the mountains with leaves that almost changed color because we were there at the end of October where the season was almost approaching autumn.

Besides that, there we also enjoyed the eternal Snow, precisely at Murodo. There we can take pictures on a stretch of white snow. We are very excited to take pictures there because the first time we saw snow. Even so, we saw that the temperature reached -9 degrees Celsius. What kind of coldness do you think?

There was a wall covered with snow, unfortunately we couldn’t get there because it was operational only from April to September.

After we saw the snow, our journey continued using the Kurobe Cable Car that took us to Kurobe Dam. The weather is no less cold than the previous place.

We thought we could just see Kurobe Dam and then be able to come back again (because the temperature is very cold). Apparently it can’t, we have to keep going through Dam to continue the journey.

Along the way past the Dam, the temperature is very cold (even though it uses scraft and gloves). We could not walk fast because it happened that the wind was quite strong and it was snowing too.

As a result until the end of our Dam shivered to the point that our hands were numb and wrinkled. From there we continue the journey using the Kanden Trolley Bus, an electric-powered bus that connects Kurobe Dam and Ogizawa Station.