‘Sailor Moon’ Musical Show Moves to the US

Sailor Moon is not only popular in its home country. The musical ‘Bishōjo Sailor Moon-Le Mouvement Final’ is now advancing to the US.

The Sailor Moon franchise site announced that ‘Sailor Moon The Super Live’ will be staged in two cities in America. Namely the Warner Theater at Washington D.C on March 24, 2019 and the PlayStation Theater in New York on March 29-30 2019.

The Sailor Moon musical performance in the US marks the first time a ‘2.5-dimensional musical’ has walked on the US stage. The term means Japanese manga, anime, and video games that began around 2000.

The music will combine songs, dances and videos.

“The story will remain the same as the manga edition. About five girls who have super powers from nature and the solar system,” said the Sailor Moon website.

Last year’s musical took place in Tokyo on September 8-18. Continue on September 23-24 in Aichi Prefecture, and to Osaka at the end of September to October 1.

The musical ‘Bishōjo Sailor Moon-Le Mouvement Final’ is played by famous Japanese actors and actresses. Starting from Sailor Uranus / Haruka Teno played by Syu Shiotsuki, Sailor Neptunus / Michiru Kaiō by Sayaka Fujioka, Sailor Saturn / Hotaru Tomoe by Mirai, Sailor Pluto / Setsuna Meiō played by Mikako Ishii, Airi Kanda acts as Chibi-Usa / Sailor Chibi Moon , and Yūga Yamato as Masked Tuxedo.

The other main player is Sailor Jupiter, played by Kaede, Sailor Mercury by Yume Takeuchi, Hotaru Nomoto as Sailor Moon, Karen Kobayashi as Sailor Mars, and Sailor Venus by Rimo Hasegawa.